The United Clean Kitchen Experts

Full line of products to clean all your equipment and hard surfaces.

Full line of products to clean all your equipment and hard surfaces.

Since 1964, United's customers have relied on our knowledge and expertise to improve efficiencies and solve problems. We help them work better, faster, and smarter. We help their equipment last longer. We help reduce expensive maintenance and repair costs. We do this with performance driven products; most of which are safer in use and safer for the environment. We call that Earth Smart® Certified.

In industrial and commercial kitchens, we have specialized in, and lead the market in drain maintenance products. From floor drains, sink drains, grease traps and sewer lines, we are the Clear Drain Experts. Our various drain products reduce odors, insects in drains, blockages and costly cleanouts and repairs. They can even help keep you in good standing with your local wastewater treatment plants.

When it comes to kitchens, not only can we solve your drain issues, we have a full line of products to help clean all your equipment and hard surfaces. With a full line of products, most of which are safe for use on aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals, we can take care of all your cleaning and disinfecting needs.

Our dedicated Sales Representatives are the Clean Kitchen Experts. Combined with our internal Customer Support Group you will have your personal team to help you solve your kitchen issues and find the right products for your needs. This catalog, outlines United's kitchen specialty chemical product line; highlighted by the areas of the kitchen where they can be used.

In addition to the items shown in this catalog, we offer a line of equipment, particularly for our drain maintenance products, that can provide programmable feeding of product. This reduces the burden on staff and assures systems are being fed in the right amount and at the right times, all maintenance free.

Some of our most popular Clean Kitchen products:

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