Hand Hygiene Solutions

No matter what type of facility you run, United offers hand cleaning and sanitizeing products to meet your needs and help prevent the spread of illness, limit absenteeism and improve productivity within your company.

Clean Hands Equal Better Health

Better Health For All

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), handwashing and sanitizing hands is important to prevent the spread of infections. Here are just a few figures from the CDC website, showing that good hand hygiene:

  • Reduces the number of people who get sick with diarrhea by 23 - 40%.
  • Reduces diarrheal illness in people with weakened immune systems by 58%.
  • Reduces respiratory illnesses, like colds, in the general population by 16 - 21%.
  • Reduces absenteeism due to gastrointestinal illness in school children by 29 - 57%.
  • By reducing the number of infections, also reduces the amount of antibiotics people use and the likelihood that antibiotic resistance will develop.
Fresh Air Fragrance System

The key to good hand hygiene is having soaps and sanitizers readily available and easy to use. How can you encourage better hand hygiene? • Make sure restrooms have multiple soap or sanitizing dispensers so they are easy to reach; and accessible when multiple people may be washing at the same time. • Make sure sanitizing stations are available in key locations where water may not be available, such as:

  • Near Time Clocks
  • Building Entry Points
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Exercise Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Reception Desks
  • Coffee Stations
  • Vending Area
  • Work Stations
  • Patient Rooms

Comprehensive Sanitizing Solutions for Every Facility

Some of our most popular Clean Hands products:

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