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Winter United Laboratories continues to offer products and solutions to set the standard in the specialty chemicals industry. Our mission is to strive to formulate the best products both in terms of getting the job done and their safety to use. Each season, we will provide you with United products that will be beneficial to you for that time of year.

20-BELOW Ice Melt Catalog Sheet

The dry, orange granules can be easily applied by hand or spreader to keep driveways, roadways and walkways safe and free from ice and snow. United 59 works on contact up to -20°F, when other ice melt products typically stop working near 0°F. Contains three active components to generate heat on contact with ice and snow . . . provides higher performance with fewer applications.

Ice and Frost Melter

Use this convenient aerosol spray to de-ice and defrost windows and windshields – inside and out – in seconds. United 104 can also be used to release frozen door locks and handles, as well as frosted coils and freezer cabinets in frozen air conditioning units. The penetrating agents cut into windshield ice for quick break-up and melting and can even control re-icing. Portable . . . no mixing or waste involved.

Seasonal Equipment Wax Catalog Sheet

Spray this ready-to-use, wax onto road signs, plows and shovels to leave a non-stick coating that prevents wet snow from sticking to treated surfaces. The aerosol works in cold temperatures and helps prevent corrosion of equipment from rock salt and water. In other seasons, United 127 can be applied on lawn mower decks & blades, trimmers and edgers to prevent corrosion and grass clippings from sticking to surfaces. The superior release formulation is ideal for metal, fiberglass, plastic and painted finishes.

SALT-B-GONE Catalog Sheet

For vehicles, equipment and non-wood floors that are plagued by white salt residue or “ghosting” affects. United 223 chemically breaks the bond that residue has with surfaces and reduces the effects of salt corrosion. Highly concentrated, economical and Earth Smart® Certified. Dilute with fresh water, then apply with mop, brush or pump-up sprayer. No rinsing necessary. Perfect for entryways, lobbies, hallways and elevators.

Earth Smarties Catalog Sheet

Protect your properties from becoming natural hazards by stocking up on ice melt products now before the icy weather arrives. EARTH SMARTIES snow and ice melter is the natural solution for keeping walkways and roadways safe and clear. UNITED 56 is less corrosive on treated wood and concrete than other ice melters and will not harm vegetation or soil structures when used as directed. EARTH SMARTIES work on contact and are effective below 0°F. The natural white granules are ready-to-use by hand or with a spreader and have a minimal odor. EARTH SMARTIES do not clump when exposed to humidity, have a very long shelf life and cause minimal tracking on floors and carpeting. The 50 lb. boxes are moveable, stackable and recyclable.

CLEAN 'N SURE Catalog Sheet

For additional floor protection and safety, add one of the high-quality floor mats United has to offer. Place a mat just inside or outside entry doors of high traffic areas to cut down on cleaning, as well as reduce slip hazards for employees and visitors.