Since 1964 United Laboratories, Inc. has been a leader in the specialty chemical business offering more than 300 innovative products. In the 70ís, United was first in the industry to introduce citrus-based cleaners named Solar Solvents. In the 80ís, United introduced enzyme-based products called Zyme-Line. As your responsible solutions partner, United's most recent introductions are leading the way with ground-breaking new technologies, such as safer alternatives to phosphoric and hydrochloric acid-based products called Earth Smartģ Acid (ESA) and our latest, patented SMART SOLVE® products, which are VOC-free, NPE-free and Earth Smart®. Both of these product lines prove once again that we can provide our customers with products that are safer to use and safer for the environment, while still maintaining or exceeding the performance quality expected of our products.

United leads the industry when it comes to running a strong service-oriented sales operation. We are the company that provides the extra-mile service to more than 20,000 customers through our US facilities in St. Charles, IL and Sparks, NV as well as our Canadian facility in Downsview, Ontario.

Because of our track record of making a profit every year since 1964, United was in a strong position to have our Employee-Stock Ownership Plan buy out the founding family and transform United into an employee-owned business. That all happened in August, 1996 and all of Unitedís employee-owners couldnít be more proud.

Day-to-day operations at United are under the direction of Daniel E. Young, Chairman and CEO.