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Product Label - SDS


A concentrated fuel conditioner that is specifically engineered to neutralize harmful fuel acids, sulfur, gum, varnish and moisture found in all fuels. It is blended from high performance specially selected neutrals, acid and sulfur neutralizers, moisture absorption additives, friction release agents, conditioners and pure mineral base oils.


Appearance: Red liquid with mild petroleum scent
Dilution rate: 200:1 (12 oz:20 gal)
pH: Not applicable
Health: 2   Flammability: 1   Physical Hazard:0


FUEL MATE is highly recommended for use in diesel, gasoline (including unleaded and leaded), L.P.G., and kerosene. FUEL MATE is recommended for use in marine engines, hospital-type bunker fuels, or fuel storage tanks to resist micro bacterial present that feed and multiply during storage and often stops up fuel lines and injectors.

Typical Applications:
  • Gasoline engines
1:200 gallons of fuel
  • Diesel Engines
1:200 gallons of fuel
  • Marine Engines (Except Outboards)
1:200 gallons of fuel
  • Stationary Engines
1:200 gallons of fuel
  • Storage or Bunker Fuels
1:500 gallons of fuel
  • Two Cycle and Outboard Engines
2 ounce to each quart of oil used in fuel, or if premixed, 1 ounce per gallon