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EPA Registration Lookup

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) mandates that certain types of products must be registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency before they can be sold. In addition to regulations at the Federal level, there are also requirements that can be mandated at the State level. This means in essence that these products must be registered within the individual States where they are to be sold. Types of products requiring registrations include pesticides, disinfectants, and weed killers – essentially, any type with a label that says it controls growth of, eliminates, or kills an organism whether it is an insect, plant or germ.

Some pesticides that are considered “minimum risk” fall into a category under FIFRA 25(b) have been determined to be exempt from Federal regulation. These products are made of ingredients that have been determined to be of minimum risk. Again, however, most States have determined that even the 25(b) products must be registered within the individual States.

As one can imagine, the fees for the registrations of each individual product to each individual State can become a heavy cost burden; and they continue to rise year after year. To control these rising costs, United must take care in registering the products in the States where the products are being sold to assure that we have a return on the investment.

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