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Fall United Laboratories continues to offer products and solutions to set the standard in the specialty chemicals industry. Our mission is to strive to formulate the best products both in terms of getting the job done and their safety to use. Each season, we will provide you with United products that will be beneficial to you for that time of year.

SPRAY TRIUMPH catalog sheet

Protect systems against weather and chemical corrosion with this 39,000 volt dielectric strength formulation. Displaces moisture for electrical equipment. Loosens parts frozen by rust and corrosion. Penetrates and removes build-up and scale caused by corrosion.

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As temperatures start cool, little critters like to seek warmer shelter in our buildings. Discourage them with VERMIN VANQUISHER. Place these blocks in key locations to repel mice, rats, ground squirrels and other vermin.

Earth Smarties Catalog Sheet

Do you have surfaces that are rusting already? Now’s the time to use TRIUMPH. This rust converter and primer coat actually converts the rust to phosphates preventing further corrosion; and then cures hard as cement. Treat surfaces now, and prevent further rusting as the harsh weather of winter arrives.

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Keep boilers working efficiently with BOILERMATE PLUS. Prevent pitting and scale buildup, while conditioning sludge for easy removal by blowdown. Using this product improves efficiency to reduce energy costs, while also improving life of equipment.


Get ready for cold and flu season now. With over 90 kill claims, MAXX DEFENSE RTU can help protect you, your staff, residents and customers from the spread of germs. Included on EPA List N for products effective against emerging viral pathogens, this product will protect against COVID-19 and the new emerging variants when following label directions.

HARVEST GOLD Catalog Sheet

As construction season winds down, make sure your fleets are clean of tar, grease and road oils with this Earth Smart® formulation. Low odor, low VOC’s and a high flash point make this product a winner for cleaning equipment.