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Get ready to start 2017 in a big way, with our all new United 481 POWER-PUCK Urinal Descaler and Deodorizer with Screen. Watch this video demonstration to see just how to present this new product to your customers. Demonstration supplies were shipped to your homes in late December and it is now time to get ready to put them to use. Show the power of ESA acid by demonstrating United 577 and then talk about how that powerful technology has been harnessed in a slow-release block that will clean and descale the urinal drain lines, while truly neutralizing odors. This video is also being added to the United video application so you can show it to your customers.

New Sure-Flo Training Videos

Since we introduced the SureFlo Dosing System for use with our dialysis products in 2015, they have brought great success in selling to that market becoming the system of choice for dosing dialysis drains. Recently a couple of issues have been raised, questioning why a dosing system may not be feeding properly and we’ve created a couple of videos to help assure you have the systems set up to run correctly.

First, air may be getting in the line and it is a simple fix, using a Herbie Clip. This clip will now be included with every SureFlo Dosing System as it ships. We are also sending Herbie Clips to all reps who have the systems installed so they can be added.

Next, always prime the pump when initially installing and changing out product:

Videos from Points Beyond

Questions on BlueCross BlueShield Benefits and Services?

If you have questions regarding your BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) benefits and information provided by BCBS, be sure to check out their Help Desk videos on their You Tube channel. Topics include: what’s and EOB; understanding deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses; talking to your doctor; prescription formularies; managing a health condition and more.

Click here to see the BCBS video offerings.

Stay Up-to-Date with Latest SDS and Labels Added to Website

For those of you maintaining pdf files of the United product labels and MSDS/SDS on your tablets, iPads or PC's, during the transition as we continue to load new information to the system; we will provide zip files here on a monthly basis so you can download the files that have changed to your computer. The items updated will also be listed in The COMPASS each month.
To access the zip files with products updated, click on the following links:

GHS Compliant Labels May 4- June 16, 2016
GHS Compliant Labels June 7- July 21, 2016
GHS Compliant Labels July 22- August 19, 2016
GHS Compliant Labels August 20 - Sept. 15, 2016
GHS Compliant Labels Oct. - Nov. 18, 2016

GHS Compliant SDS May 4 - June 16, 2016
GHS Compliant SDS June 7- July 21, 2016
GHS Compliant SDS August 20- Sept. 15, 2016
GHS Compliant SDS Oct. - Nov. 18, 2016

Do Your Military Bases Use EESOH-MIS?

Our Military uses the EESOH-MIS system to manage risk of exposure to environmental and occupational factors. This system allows them to share information across different functional areas to try to stay in compliance and make sure they are working with the correct data. Not all bases use this system, but if your military customers do, it can be a benefit to you and United as it will allow them to do searches for NSN numbers that have been previously established.

We also have a listing of previously established NSN numbers available through our Sales Tools/Downloads menu. Click here to view that listing.

Conforming with New OSHA Regulations

New regulations mandate that all employees must be trained on new OSHA Hazardous Communication Standards that are being phased into use. All new hires will need to be trained and we still have a number of quizzes outstanding. Training materials and a printed copy of the quiz are included in every start kit. These quizzes must be returned to the Home Office. Also, please take 25 minutes to view a video that will help with your understanding of the changes.

Click here to watch the training video

If you have not yet returned your quizz, please do so as soon as possible. If you need a copy of the quiz or booklet, please contact Debbie Nehmer (x7424 or right away.

Need Help Setting Up Your Cell Phone E-mail

If you need assistance setting up your United e-mail for access on your Andriod phone, iPhone or iPad, that help is just a click away.

When logged into the United website, as you are now, you can click on the HELP menu option and then select the option that you need. An Adobe pdf file will then come up that walks you through the necessary steps for set-up.

Check it out by clicking the preferred option below:
E-mail Setup for Andriod Phones” “E-mail Setup for iPhones and iPads"

Drum Roll

Drum roll please…Whether the folks in this roll call are selling by the drum or by the pint, they led the way in sales for 2016. Here are our Top 10 for 2016:

1. Bobby Marshall (Southeast)  
2. Randy Welsh (Southeast)
3. Dave Edwards (Great Lakes)
4. Dominique Carrigan (West)
5. Pat Joray (Southeast)
6. Larry Shaffer (Southeast)
7. Rick DeGroff (Northeast)
8. Murl Weaver (Southeast)
9. Tom Schiller (Plains)
10. Mike Grover (Plains)

Most Improved Players

The Most Improved Players award goes to the full-time sales representative in each heat who has the highest sales percentage increase in 2016 over 2015.
Our Most Improved Players for 2016 are: % Ahead of Last Year:
1. Andy Bryant (Southeast) 82%
1. Diana Rouse (Southeast) 70%
1. Tim Harvey (Southwest) 16%
1. Allen Kelly (Southeast) 84%