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United Pushes Forward with Social Responsibility Initiatives

As part of United's Core Values, reaching out to support social responsibility initiatives is special to the corporate culture. In 2014 we've pushed these initiatives on several fronts.

Starting the year on the right track, Uniteds top sales representatives and managers visited an orphanage in Puerto Rico that provides shelter for the very young. We arrived with clothing, toys and other gifts in hand, but the most valuable part of this visit was the time with the children and the many generous individual cash donations which were greatly needed by the organization.

On a national level, United then selected to partner with Cleaning for a Reason, a charitable organization which was selected by the employee-owners of United as one that can help make a difference in a situation with which everyone can relate.

Whenever our customers buy United products a portion of those sales goes to help support Cleaning for a Reason. As our sales force calls on customers they also work to spread the word about the great service this organization provides for those who are fighting the battle with cancer. At the warehouse, we even have a forklift decked out in pink to show support. Click here to learn more about Cleaning for a Reason.

Most recently at the Home Office in St. Charles Illinois, our office and plant staff generously donated to help local families in need through the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Working with farmers, individuals and corporations, the food bank serves 60,000 people in need every week across 13 counties.

The initial goal for United's food drive was to bring in 600 pounds of food to help our hungry neighbors. As drum after drum was filled with donations, we ended up with a total of 675 pounds.

These efforts aren't over for the year though. The holidays will be here soon enough and that means it will be time to collect for Toys for Tots. The generous spirit of United's employee-owners always shines through when it comes time to help brighten the holidays for the children.

Proven Products Now with Convenience of a Wipe

United is pleased to introduce two new wipe products, that are derived from popular products that have been proven in use for many years.

United 641 VANISHING ACT WIPES Industrial Strength Spot and Stain Remover

VANISHING ACT WIPES will help make tough stains disappear like magic. The easy-to-use wipes are perfect for use on carpet, uphostery, draperies, rugs, clothing and more.

Easily remove stains, including: grass stains, iodine, food stains, pet stains, mildew, tea, coffee, juices, dirt and grime.

United 647 STARBURST WIPES Stainless Steel & Metal Polish

Keep your stainless steel and metal surfaces clean and shining brightly with STARBURST WIPES. The bio-based, Earth Smart® certified formulation that saturates these wipes will both protect and preserve the finish, while removing spots, grease, fingerprints and watermarks.

BIO BRIGADE and Fresh Air™

What better way is there to control odors and insects, than with United's BIO BRIGADE producs that feature Fresh Air™ Technology.

United 29 FRESH AIR™ LOCK Urinal and Drain Treatment

FRESH AIR™ LOCK is unique. Not only will it work to lock out odors from urinals and floor drains, it will kill insects and repel both insects and rodents that may be drawn to the drains. This bio-based formulation featuring Fresh Air™ Technology can also save money by extending the life of waterless urinal cartridges.

United 203 FRESH AIR™ Deodorizing Repellent

This bio-based, all natural, pelleted deodorizing formula features United's Fresh Air Technology™ . What's really exciting about United 203 is that not only does it quickly control odors, it also works to repel both insects and rodents. Perfect for use in dumpsters, refuse areas, garbage cans, kennels, stables and barns.

United 249 BIO BRIGADE CONTACT INSECTICIDE with Fresh Air™ Technology

This BIO BRIGADE insecticide can be used indoors or out to rid areas of crawling insects and many flying insects. Unlike many insectides, this spray can be used on fabric and carpet, and it will not leave a stain or an oily residue. United 249 uses Fresh Air� technology, which leaves you with a fresh peppermint smell.


BIO BRIGADE MIDGE VANQUISHER is formulated using United's Fresh Air Technology™ and offers contact and residual control for midge flies and filter flies found around wastewater treatment plants. When nuisance midge and filter flies are affecting worker productivity and public impressions at your wastewater facility, turn to this product to gain quick control. Spray directly into swarms of flies to kill on contact or on appropriate surfaces or in cracks and crevices where they may settle to provide both contact and residual protection.

FRESH AIR™ Technology - Responsible Innovation™ that Works

Stormwater Management Solutions Available

United Laboratories now offers unique solutions for your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan through a combination of equipment, maintenance products and the professional services of your United Sales Representative. Together they will bring your Best Management Practices in-line with today's regulatory requirements.

To learn more about our available stormwater equipment, visit our webpage dedicated to Stormwater Management by clicking here.
To download our Stormwater Management Solutions brochure, click here.

Introducing a New Program for Your Cooling Towers that Will Help You Save Money!

Scale, biomass and corrosion can rob your cooling tower system of efficiency. United's Cycle Smart™ products provide you with a complete solution to keep your cooling towers clean, green and cooling efficiently, which saves you money on several levels - energy, water, labor and repairs. Click here to learn more.

How much you can save?

Click here to try our Cooling Tower Calculator !

United is Making Things EZ-er for You

Diluting products used to be confusing. Now, it's easy with United's EZ-D Dilution System. It's easy to install, easy to learn, and easy to use. It doesn't matter if you understand what dilutions are, or even if you speak English. This complete system is designed to be easy-to-use for everyone. Color, number and shape coding are coordinated on both the product labels and the wall chart. Click Broadband or Dial-Up to watch the EZ-D Dilution System Demo.

The EZ-D Dilution System is made for use with the following United products in special 1/2 gallon concentrate packaging: Not only is the EZ-D easy-to-use, these concentrated products also provide you with an economical way to instill cost savings in your cleaning regimen. The EZ-D prevents over and under-diluting of product to assure that you get the best product performance with no product waste. To see how economical these concentrated EZ-D products can be for you, talk to your United Sales Representative about pricing and click here to see your end-use cost with United's EZ-D Cost Calculator.

For more information on the EZ-D Dilution System, check out our brochure.

Immediate Sales Positions Available!  Click here for more information.