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When bed bugs become a problem for you, simply put SLEEP TIGHT to use. Derived from natural botanicals that work to control and eliminate bed bug infestations, SLEEP TIGHT kills bed bugs in 5 - 10 minutes. Provides residual protection for up to 30 days after application.  When used according to directions it also kills: Cockroaches, Ants, Millipedes, Carpet Beetles and Fleas. This formula is bio-based and biodegradable.


Appearance: Brown turbid liquid with light cinnamon scent
Dilution rate: Ready-to-use
pH: 7.0
Health:1   Flammability:0   Physical Hazard:0


For use on:
  • mattresses
  • box springs
  • head boards
  • carpets
  • cracks
  • crevices
  • molding
  • floor boards

Will not stain most fabrics or surfaces. When using on delicate fabrics, first test on an inconspicuous location for staining. Do not over-saturate surfaces.