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This unique bio-blend is designed for use in floor drains throughout a facility. United 636 floats on the water layer in the drain, effectively sealing off and masking offensive sewer gasses and odors that may come back through the drain. At the same time it cuts through grease and slime build-up on pipe walls, minimizing clogs and slow running drains. This also eliminates the food source and breeding area for drain flies and other insects, to help control infestations. The non-acid, non-caustic, non-corrosive formulation is safe on pipes and contains no petroleum distillates or NPEs.


Appearance: Clear reddish orange liquid with citrus odor
Dilution rate: Varies, see label
pH: Not applicable
Health:1   Flammability:2   Physical Hazard:0


  • For maximum effectiveness, SOLAR GOLD Floor Drain Treatment should be used as part of a regularly scheduled drain treatment program.