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United A540

Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller

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  • Advantage M# 2-AM-1
  • Included in Cooling Tower Equipment Package #1
  • Prewired controller provides reliable conductivity control of recirculating
    cooling water systems.
  • Simple to operate, large analog display.
  • Front panel calibration and set point.
  • LED indicator lights, dual scale flexibility, adjustable differential.
  • Pump lockout timer, 0-90 minutes.
  • 115 volts.
  • 8 grounded power cord.
  • 11 output cords (2) w/female ends for connection of controlled devices.
  • T-type conductivity probe with 3/4 slip fittings.
  • 10 2-wire Water Meter cord.
  • 2 Year warranty.

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