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United A876-2
Dual Select Blend Center

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  • Versatile and durable.
  • Simply turn a knob to select the product or dilution desired, then push the button to dispense ready-to-use solution.
  • AccuPro Technology assures better dilution control, even with changes in water pressure to provide you with the right dilution every time.
  • Designed for building service and housekeeping applications and provides four products dispensed at 1.5 gpm through a selector great for filling spray bottles; plus a single product dispensed at 3.5 gpm - perfect for bucket filling.
  • Non-electric, water-powered, works on 40 p.s.i. water-pressure.
  • Equipped with air-gap back flow preventers.
  • Draws from any size container.
  • Eliminates chemical handling, providing more time for cleaning.
  • This product may be used with any of Unitedís water-based products.