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Featured Products for Summer

United Laboratories continues to offer products and solutions to set the standard in the specialty chemicals industry. Our mission is to strive to formulate the best products both in terms of getting the job done and their safety to use. Each season, we will provide you with United products that will be beneficial to you for that time of year.


Prevail against the battle of the bite with this natural, Earth Smart®, personal insect repellent. This DEET-free formulation will protect you from pesty flying biting insects like mosquitos, chiggers, ticks, fleas and biting flies. FRESH AIR™ PREVAIL™ is safer for you and the environment; while being strong enough to deter insects.

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Control the odors in dumpsters and garbage containers that attract rodents and scare customers away. DUMPSTER DELIGHT's concentrated granules emit our popular Fantasia fragrance to control the offensive odors that really buildup in the heat of summer.Simply sprinkle the granules in your container and let them do their work.

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Keep the insects in your facilities at bay with a safer alternative to traditional insecticides. This product is made from all natural, food grade ingredients making it safer in use and safer for the environment; yet it controls ants, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, fruit flies, spiders, midge flies and more. Featuring United’s Fresh Air™ technology, this product will leave area smelling of fresh peppermint. Employees, customers and guests won’t even know you’ve been treating for bugs!

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X-EMPT is a total weed killer that is made from 100% bio-based ingredients, listed generally recognized as safe by the FDA. It is safer in use and safer for the environment, while being deadly for weeds. X-EMPT is exempt from standard U.S. EPA registration (25-b exempt under FIFRA) and exempt for harsh chemicals. X-EMPT is the safer weed killer of choice.

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Eliminate malodors in air handling/air conditioning systems with United 335. Actively kills odors while sending aromatherapy fragrances throughout your facility. Available in United’s signature Peppermint fragrance to energize, increase alertness and temporarily relieve headaches and tension; or Lemon-Coconut that provides calming relaxation, while elevating mood and increasing alertness and concentration.

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As temperatures rise, ponds and lagoons can get overwhelmed with algae and other compounds. With this blend of 10 different bacterial cultures ResPOND restore the natural balance. This Earth Smart® product restores and refreshes ponds, lakes and large holding tanks & lagoons by reducing nitrates, phosphates, ammonia and organic sulfides. ResPOND reduces bottom solids, while increasing natural bacterial activity to restore the ecosystem.

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Summer weather seems to bring out the odors. SPACE BARS can help you control odors in your space. There's no spraying, no spilling, no mess; and the deodorizing bars can even be split in half to insert into your vacuum cleaner bag to deodorize as you vacuum. With six great fragrances to choose from, you'll find the perfect fragrance for your facility. Try our aromatherapy Fresh Air™ Peppermint and Lemon-Coconut fragrances featuring our AirZoneE™ Technology for added benefit.

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Made from renewable resources, United 2001 HARVEST GOLD offers safe, effective removal of tar, asphalt, grease and road oils from equipment, rolling stock, tools and more. It provides high solvency, while being Earth Smart® and very low in VOC's. Simply spray or wipe it on , then rinse it off with water. Perfect for use in the height of construction season.