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A876-2 AccuMax Dual Select Blend Center
A855 Peristaltic Metering Pump
A353 17” Self-Contained Carpet Extractor (X17) by Minuteman
A065 Accu-Measure Gallons
A206 6-Gallon Tapper with Spigot and Vent
A102 2” Drum Faucet (shown on right in picture)
A107 3/4” Spigot w/Narrow Spout for filling bottles (shown on left in picture)
A183 Fogmaster Tri-Jet Fogger Model 6208
A184 Electric Turntable Model 6100
A185 Three-Wire Timer Model 7304
A187 Pow-R-Jet Plus Drum Mount Fogger - Unit Model DM6428
A025 Hand and Utility Brush
A054 Super Bowl Mop Caddie
A150 Plastic Utility Scoop
A151 Metal “Big Dipper” Scoop
A111 Metal Lever Drum Pump
A135 Pail Pump
A108 Plastic Drum Pump
A132 Plastic Siphon Pump for Pails
A133 Acid-Resistant Drum Pump
A141 Ounce-A-Matic Plastic Pump for One Gallon Containers
A062 Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser
A070 Stainless Steel Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser
A175 2-Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer Model 2-SPB
A176 Chapin 3.5-Gallon Funnel Top “Tri-Poxy” Model 1480
A008 Power Sprayer with Full Function Nozzle 1500 mL (50 oz.)
A037 One-Gallon Compression Sprayer
A038 Foamaster Sprayer
A042 Two-Gallon Compression Sprayer— Acid Resistant
WWC07 T-Lift
A021 Water Test Mailing Kit
A575 Hand-held Digital Conductivity Meter
WT330 pH Test Strips
ACTP1 Cooling Tower Equipment Package #1
ACTP2 Cooling Tower Equipment Package #2
A540 Cooling Tower Conductivity Controller
A602 3/4” Bleed-Off Assembly
A603 MicroTron Chemical Metering Pump
A604 Pump Mounting Bracket/Shelf
A2020 Professional Window Cleaning Kit
A121 Deltangular Wrench
A123 Drum Wrench
A125 Pail Wrench
A128 Fogmaster Jr. Model 533010
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